Extraordinary Upcycled Sunglasses

Fashion waste transformed into a space age material and superbly handcrafted into extraordinary, upcycled sunglasses. We have developed a range of 5 frames to suit all sorts of faces. They are available in blue or black denim. By using our virtual mirror, you can easily find out which frames suit you best.

Floppy to Solid Denim

Denim is tough, but it’s very floppy. In a world full of waste, there is a lot of it that is thrown into landfill. We use some of this denim and infuse it with resin, pressing layers together until they dry. This creates a new material that looks and feels like denim, with a 100% reduction in floppiness. We call it Solid Denim. It is remarkably strong and tactile, perfect for crafting high quality eyewear.

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Soft and Smooth with Shiny Bits

Solid Denim is remarkably strong, it’s also incredibly tactile. The front surface looks and feels like denim. It’s been lightly varnished to provide water and dirt resistance. The inside surface and the edges have been varnished and polished to a soft, smooth and satin finish that feels great against your skin and repels sweat and sun cream. Are design features a variety of shiny brass details that complement the Solid Denim wonderfully.

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Polarized Zeiss Lenses Or Get Your Prescription Fitted

We put so much work into our frames that it would be silly not to include the best possible lenses. That’s why we use lenses by Zeiss that block out 100% of the harmful UV light. We choose to use polarized lenses that have a brilliant warm gradient. If you need a prescription, you can choose our ‘Frame Only’ option which come with dummy lenses. That means that you can get the Shades of Denim fitted with your prescription by your optician.

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We laminate an intricate 2 part spring system inside the temple arms. The first part allows the temple arms to flex and spring back again. The second part is formable and allows us to create a stable curve to fit the shape of your head. All this is hidden within the Solid Denim, meaning that the sunglasses will magically fit heads of all shapes and sizes, with just the right amount of pressure behind the ears.This is ergonomic feature is called Ergo-Visage

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Superb Handcrafted Quality

When people first get to try on the Shades of Denim, they always say how impressed they are with the craftsmanship and attention to detail. ‘Substantial’ is a word that frequently gets used to describe the feel of the lightweight Solid Denim with brass reinforcements. These sunglasses feel and indeed are, reassuringly well made. We offer a 2 year warranty to protect you against any unlikely manufacturing defects.

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