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  • This frame shape is called the 'Halley'.
  • Made of sustainably produced denim infused with resin (Solid Denim)
  • Handcrafted using our unique process in Cornwall, UK. 
  • Each and every pair is unique and may vary slightly from photos.
  • Polarized lenses from Zeiss - tinted with a grey gradient. 
  • Sturdy 5 barreled hinges. 
  • Free shipping and returns
  • 1 year warranty. 


This vintage and glamorous frame is designed for the fun loving and free spirited female. Best suited for those with strong features and big personalities.
Be bold this summer and get noticed with the 'Halley'. For dimensions, click tab. 


A high quality frame deserves the best lenses. That’s why we work with Zeiss. Polarized lenses come as standard. A soft microfiber bag is provided for protecting and cleaning the lenses.


Solid Denim is a material that we have invented. It is made by soaking layers of denim fabric in a special liquid resin and then pressing them together under pressure. It becomes Solid Denim once the resin has cured.

Denim is an inherently tough fabric, by soaking it in a carefully selected resin we create a composite material that is strong, durable and flexible, perfect for building high quality, striking eyewear.

The outside of the sunglasses look and feel like normal denim. The inside surfaces are polished so that they are smooth and comfortable to wear. The edges show the many layers of denim making a beautiful pattern.


Our Signature Denim collection is made of BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) approved denim fabric in  a choice of Marina Blue and Stone Black denims. This denim is supplied by Vicunha.


We’ve perfected our unique process of handcrafting eyewear out of denim fabric. We do this in our workshop in Cornwall, UK. We use quality components and we pay meticulous attention to detail. By handcrafting the eyewear ourselves we can ensure each and every pair meets our high standards.


A 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects is provided. The warranty does not cover damage from unreasonable use or scratched lenses.

Cassini L - 55-17-140
Cassini S - 49-15-130
Janssen - 52-16-140
Halley - 52-18-140
Burnell - 54-18-140
Kepler - 55-17-140
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Signature Denim

The original Solid Denim eyewear. Made from layers of (Better Cotton Industry) BCI approved denim fabric.


A quality frame deserves the best lenses. That’s why we use lenses from Zeiss. We use sturdy 5 barrel hinges. The temple arms are reinforced with a stainless steel wire so that they don’t lose their shape. They are also slightly thicker closer to the hinge for added strength. To increase comfort we create contours in the frame by adding extra layers of denim where it rests on your nose. At the hinge area we add extra layers to increase strength. This results in a frame that is comfortable, strong and beautiful.

Solid Denim

Denim is an inherently tough fabric, it was first used as hard wearing workwear for gold miners in the Wild West. We infuse this rugged and iconic fabric with a carefully selected resin resulting in a composite material that is durable and flexible, perfect for building high quality, striking eyewear.

Handmade in the UK

Through our unique, handmade process we turn layers of denim into Solid Denim eyewear. The whole process takes place in our workshop in Cornwall, UK.

Free Worldwide Shipping and Returns

We know that without trying our eyewear on it’s hard to know if you have picked the style that is best suited for you. That is why, wherever you are in the world we offer free shipping and free returns within 14 days of receiving the item. Simply email our support team - and request a free returns label. Print and post the item back to us for a refund or an exchange. See our FAQs for more information.
Signature Denim
Solid Denim
Handmade in the UK
Free Worldwide Shipping and Returns

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