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Hello, I'm Jack, and I'm the founder of Mosevic


...handmake unusual, high quality, designer eyewear from our workshop, sandwiched between an old viaduct and an even older woodland here in Cornwall, U.K.  

You may know me from my social media videos, where I show how the sunglasses are made, the material we use, and the processes involved in creating Mosevic’s unique frames.


But the genesis of Mosevic dates back over a decade, to when I’d just graduated from university with a degree in Product Design. Actually, probably even earlier; I remember as a teenager working in a chip shop for £3.50 an hour with the ambition of saving up enough money to buy a pair of Oakley Sunglasses. I worked a lot of hours for those sunglasses. Zero regrets. I still have them now.  

Unusual eyewear has interested me for as long as I can remember, and my mum tells me how I used to talk about wanting to make and sell things when I was older. I don’t remember this, but I’m glad I’m fulfilling a childhood dream I have no recollection of.  

Anyway, back to the timeline.  

The idea for handmade, hardened denim sunglasses came about when I was making a kite board (kite surfing is one of my hobbies). I learnt how to create glass fibre by infusing glass fibres with resin, creating a durable but lightweight material. This got me thinking about what other materials could be infused with resin to create a strong material that could be crafted into sunglasses. 

I started off with a pair of jeans from a charity shop, draped over the kitchen counter of a house I was renting with friends at the time in Falmouth, a town I still live in today.

Penvelope on a beach in Falmouth

I tested the denim and resin composite material and cut out two glasses frames. The glasses I made from this first experiment were terrible, but it didn’t matter. I knew I was on to something.  

It would take the best part of ten years, hundreds of prototypes, thousands of late nights and tens of thousands of hours (probably) to grow the business to where it is today.


I now share the workshop with one dog and three people who help make the sunglasses and run the business with me. We have a waiting list of orders for customers who live all over the world. 


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