Sunglasses Made Slowly, By The Sea

Our whole handcrafted process is carried out by the sea in Cornwall, a beautiful, quiet part of England. Are you in a hurry? We’re not. We handcraft these sunglasses in small batches, taking our time to make sure that they are of the highest possible quality. We don’t want to make sunglasses that are going to break before they’ve even reached you. We’d rather craft something that you are going to love and will last you a lifetime. We haven't found a way of doing this that takes any less time and any less skill. So for now, we get stuck in and make use of those wonderful things that connect our fingers to our arms.

Developed over a decade

In 2011, the founder of Mosevic (Jack) came up with the unique concept for the Shades of Denim, with no idea what they would be like or of how to go about making them. Countless generations of prototypes later, his peculiar, patient process took a long time to develop, with plenty of trial and error. Take a moment to consider all the time Jack spent trying things that didn’t work!

Acknowledging And Minimizing Our Impact

We have developed extraordinary sunglasses from denim fabric and it makes sense that we find our denim from a waste stream. We aren’t under any illusion that this is enough to be ‘sustainable’ on it's own. Our scenic surroundings are a constant reminder that even though we are small fish right now, we need to implement a responsible approach to manufacture and business as a whole, right from the start.It’s important to realize that everything we do has an impact and that the extent of this impact should be at the heart of every design and business decision.

Our Story So Far...

Mosevic is situated in Cornwall, England and it is led by Jack - the inventor of the Shades of Denim and founder of the company. Mosevic is a family name from his Norwegian heritage. Jack has a background in sustainable product design which is reflected in the company’s ethos.

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