Solid Denim Eyewear
Handcrafted in Cornwall, England

From £79.00

Limited Editions

Part of our Worn Collection
Watermelon and Silver Birch now available.

Made from Solid Denim

We've developed a way of turning denim fabric into high quality eyewear

Handcrafted In The UK

We carry out our unique process in Cornwall, England.

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A New Life For Old Jeans

A collection of Solid Denim eyewear made from recycled jeans. High Quality lenses.
From £79.00 with free worldwide shipping & returns.

The Original Solid Denim Eyewear

Available in 2 classic denim washes. High Quality Zeiss lenses
From £139.00 with free worldwide shipping & returns.

Signature Denim


Our Solid Denim sunglasses are handcrafted in our workshop in Cornwall, UK.
This way we can ensure that each and every pair meets our high standards.