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Our handmade denim sunglasses are made up of multiple features, many of which are unique, all of which have been thought about in great -- and in some cases, agonising -- detail. All the features play a pivotal role in the overall function of the eyewear, as well as contributing to their unique aesthetic. Here, we breakdown the key features of Mosevic’s handmade denim sunglasses. 

Two Dots

The two brass dots on the front of the frame, either side of the bridge, is where it all begins. These two dots connect to the long piece of exposed brass you see at the top of the glasses. The brass strengthens the frame and ensures the sunglasses keep their shape. This was the first piece of metal Jack introduced on the sunglasses, and it inspired the addition of other brass accents featured on the glasses. The two dots anchor the long piece of brass, but we also think they provide a pleasing design detail.

Five Barralled Hinge

Moving along from the dots to the side of the glasses, we use a five baralled hinge. This means it has five-prongs, as opposed to the standard three-pronged hinge you find on most glasses. This is because five prongs offer a more robust hinge and stop the arms from wobbling against the frame. Simple, but detailed.


Looking down from the hinge to the inside of the glasses arms, you’ll find Mosevic’s name and the location of our workshop etched onto the arms. Another unique feature of our sunglasses, the name of the style of frame is etched onto the inside of the bridge - a way to identify your chosen frame. Each frame has an intergalactic-inspired name, a nod to the out-of-this-world products we make.

Brass Teeth

You'll see at the top and bottom of the arms, brass teeth. Large teeth at the hinge, and smaller ones at the end of the arms. The purpose of the teeth is simple; they grip the denim to the brass, clamping down to fix both in place. Some glasses brands hide this detail, but we find aesthetic appeal in its function. Also, Jack agonised over these joints for longer than you can possibly imagine when he was designing them.

The zig-zag

At the top of the arms, you’ll notice a golden zig-zag. The zig-zag is a branding detail that makes the sunglasses immediately identifiable as a pair of Mosevic frames, without the need for a big logo splashed across the glasses. It offers a distinguishing and striking detail that’s simultaneously subtle, just how we like it.

Handsome faceted jewel

At the other end of the arms, you’ll find a slightly different detail. You may have heard Jack refer to the brass tip of the arms on social media as a ‘handsome faceted jewel’. This geometric jewel shares a similar angularity with its zig-zag counterpart, with hand sanded edges to ensure it sits softly behind the ears. The geometry of the jewel angles inwards towards the centre, representing a star at the end of its life.


We use CR-39 lenses, from Zeiss. This is a lightweight material, unlike lenses made from glass which are very heavy and can weigh a frame down.

Hardened denim – lightweight, strong, waterproof 

Made by infusing denim with resin, zooming out to look at the sunglasses in their entirety, you’ll see how the nose pads – the thickest part – are moulded onto the frame. The thinnest parts of the glasses are the arms, to fit comfortably behind your ears. There’s a difference of six layers between the nose pad and the arms. The frames are varnished to give a water-resistant finish. They are also resistant to oils from your skin and lotions like sun cream.  You can wipe any products, such as make up, off the surface. 

Our packaging

Each pair of sunglasses comes in a microfibre bag which is designed to be safe to use on the lenses. They also come with a premium structured pull-drawer box flecked with gold stars.


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