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You can choose Zeiss polarised lenses or frame only so that you can get your prescription lenses fitted by your optician.

Zeiss Polarised Lenses 

We use polarised lenses from Zeiss, that offer 100% UV protection, in two tints. 


This is a warm lens with a gradient that is darker on the top than on the bottom. This lens makes everything look warm. 


This is a green base lens with a semi mirrored coating that reflects tones of green and blue. Zeiss refer to this kind of coating as 'triflection'. This lens makes everything look a cool green.

We use CR-39 which is a lightweight material commonly used to make lenses. Some people ask for glass lenses, but we find these are too heavy and we’d rather use a lightweight material.

Prescription Lenses

Frame Only

For customers wanting their prescription lenses fitted we offer a Frame Only option. 

In this instance, we will fit the frames with ‘dummy lenses’. When you receive your order, you can take your glasses to your optician who will replace the dummy lenses with your own prescription lenses.   

For all Frame Only orders we provide a set of instructions with the order which you can give your optician when they replace the lenses for you. 


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