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The Process


It takes about two weeks to make a small batch of our handmade sunglasses.  

First, we cut up pieces of denim fabric – either black, blue or undyed (white) denim. Once cut, we mix resin and pour it onto the denim, letting it infuse into the fibres of the denim fabric.  

The sheets of fabric are then pressed together whilst the resin is still wet. 

Once the material has hardened, computer-controlled equipment (a CNC machine and laser cutter) is used to cut out the pieces we need to make the glasses frames.  

Jack has designed lots of metal parts that we assemble in with the parts of hardened denim.  
There are multiple parts that require assembly and some parts need to be carefully aligned in the special assembly jig that was designed and made to accurately assemble the parts around the hinges. 

Once this stage is complete, we sand and shape and polish the glasses frames, and polish and texture the metal parts.  

Jack then heats the finished frames to fit the lenses – people can choose between two types of polarised Zeiss lenses, or dummy lenses if their intention is to have their own prescription lenses fitted once received. 

Once the lenses are in, we clean them, tighten the hinges, package them up and dispatch them via our local post office.  




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