About Solid Denim Eyewear

What is Solid Denim?

Solid Denim is a material that has been developed by Mosevic. It’s only got 2 ingredients, denim and resin. The denim is soaked in a liquid resin and stacked up in layers before being pressed in moulds. The resin cures and Solid Denim has been created.
The resin has been carefully selected to have all the properties we need to make high quality eyewear. The resin is completely skin safe. We are currently using a synthetic resin, however we are looking at using plant based resins in the future once we find a formula with the properties we need.
Find out more about Solid Denim Here.

Is this material strong enough?

Yes, Solid Denim is really strong! It’s also lightweight and flexible. It is a composite material, made using the same principles as Carbon Fibre and Glass Fibre. These materials are renowned for being light weight, flexible and really strong. The difference is that instead of using a glass or carbon fabric to reinforce the resin, we use denim.
To further increase the durability and quality of these sunglasses, we reinforce the temple arms with a stainless steel wire that is laminated between the layers of denim.
If you tread or sit on these sunglasses then they might break, like most other eyewear would. However, if you do not mistreat them, they will last a lifetime.

Are they comfortable to wear? What do they feel like?

We’ve developed these sunglasses for many years. We made hundreds of prototypes and tried countless ways of turning denim fabric and resin into quality eyewear. We did not want to create a gimmick, instead we took our time to develop a product that people would want to wear and would enjoy wearing.
The outside surface of the sunglasses has the normal denim texture preserved. The inside surface of the sunglasses are completely infused with resin and are contoured, shaped and polished so that they feel really comfortable on your skin. Particular attention is paid to the area where the frames rest on your nose and the temple arms sit behind your ears.
We handcraft each pair of sunglasses ourselves and our skilled staff spend time making sure every pair is a pleasure to wear.

What happens if they get wet?

It is not a problem if the sunglasses get wet. Solid Denim is slightly porous and will absorb water, making it temporarily darken slightly in colour (just like wood). By leaving the sunglasses to naturally air dry, they will soon dry and return to normal.

What kind of lenses are used?

A quality frame deserves the best lenses. That is why we are currently offering polarized lenses by Zeiss. These lenses block 100% UV rays. We provide a soft microfibre bag for cleaning the lenses.

How and where are they made?

Solid Denim eyewear by Mosevic is made by us in our workshop in Cornwall, England. We’ve developed the unique process of creating high quality Solid Denim eyewear and by manufacturing the sunglasses ourselves, on a small scale, we can always guarantee a high quality product.
We use some cutting and stone washing machinery to help us make the sunglasses, however most of the process is carried out by hand. Processes include cutting the denim fabric, soaking it in resin and shaping it in moulds, sanding, polishing, washing, assembling and packaging (to name but a few). From start to finish it takes about 2 weeks to make a batch of Solid Denim sunglasses. We are so sure of our craftsmanship that we offer a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects. Please see the Warranty section for details.
There is some more information on our unique process here Our Unique Process
From time to time we release snippets of our unique process on our social channels.

Is the denim recycled?

Our Worn collection is made from recycled denim. We recycle damaged and discarded jeans which we buy from local charity shops. Worn Collection.
The denim from our Signature Denim collection is supplied by Vicunha and is not recycled. However, Vicunha manufacture the denim to BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) standards. This means that the denim meets high fair trade and sustainability standards. In fact, Vicunha have a zero waste policy. Signature Denim Collection.

Will I find sunglasses like these made by anyone else?

We are the original creators of Solid Denim eyewear. It took us years of development to be able to turn denim fabric and resin into high quality eyewear. You may see immitations, however Mosevic eyewear will always be the original producer of high quality Solid Denim eyewear. Here’s more about us and our story so far - About Us.

Warranty and Care Instruction


Mosevic provides a 365 day warranty from the time of purchase if there are any problems with the product resulting from a manufacturing defect.
Please email support@mosevic.com explaining the details of your warranty claim. The warranty does not cover damage from unreasonable use or scratched lenses.

Care Instructions

The lenses should be cleaned using the microfiber bag supplied.
If the denim gets dirty it should be cleaned with the supplied microfiber bag and lukewarm water. Be careful not to use anything that will scratch the lenses.
If the sunglasses get wet, leave them to air dry, do not use heat to dry them.
When the sunglasses are not being used they should be stored in a suitably rigid case. If using the supplied card case, be careful not to put weight on it as this may damage the sunglasses.
The sunglasses are not designed for use during sporting activities and should at all times be worn or carried in a sensible manner and not dropped or exposed to excessive cold or heat. We exclude all liability for loss or damage to the sunglasses or for damage to your eyes or otherwise arising from incorrect use.


When will I receive my order?

Orders placed before 2pm (GMT) are dispatched on the same day, and after 2pm on the next working day. We use the Royal Mail delivery service ­ timescales for delivery are listed below:

  • UK & Northern Ireland:
    • FREE 2 to 3 working days Royal Mail 48hr (2nd Class)
    • £1.99 Next Day Royal Mail 24hr (1st Class)
  • Europe £5.99 or FREE on orders over £50.00 - 3-5 working days Royal Mail International Tracked/Signed
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  • Rest of the World Rest of the World £5.99 or FREE on orders over £50.00 - 5-7 working days Royal Mail International Tracked/Signed


What currencies can I pay in?

We only accept payments in pound sterling. However, as an approximate guide there is a currency convertor at the checkout which will approximate to your local currency.

When a product in the shop states it is a “pre­order” item or that it has a "lead time", what does this mean and when will it ship?

When we launch a new product we like to offer it as early as possible and so we release the product for pre­order whilst we manufacture the first batch. This means that there will be some delay between placing the pre­order and the item being ready to ship. We endeavour to provide a reasonably accurate estimated dispatch notice. However these may change as we update them to reflect the manufacturing time.

If the item has a lead time in the product description, it means that it is out of stock but it is due to be dispatched within the lead time period.


How do I return a product?

You have 14 days to return a product to us and receive a full refund providing the product is returned as new In the unlikely event that you have received a faulty product please contact customer services at support@mosevic.com.


For support please contact customer services at support@mosevic.com