Features & FAQ

Polarized or Prescription lenses

  • Zeiss polarized lenses. They are tinted with a brilliant, warm gradient. 
  • Choose 'Frame only' if you need a prescription. The frames will come with 'dummy lenses' that your optician can swap with your prescription. You will receive instructions to show your optician on how to do this. 

Handmade in small batches in Cornwall, UK

  • I've spent almost 10 years developing these sunglasses and the process of making them. 
  • The process starts by cutting up waste denim and infusing it with a bio based resin. There are many components and a lot of different processes. It takes 2 weeks to make a small batch. 
  • Watch my new video to learn all about it.

Made from Solid Denim

  • Solid Denim (or Micarta) is made from layers of waste denim that have been infused with a bio based resin and pressed together into a solid sheet. 
  • The sheet is precisely machined into component parts that are assembled with carefully designed metal reinforcements. 
  • It still looks and feels like denim. By looking at the edges of the frames, you can see the beautifully intricate pattern that is caused by cutting through the cotton fibres. 
  • These cotton fibres make this material very strong. Solid Denim is made in the same way as carbon fibre and it has similar properties, whilst still looking and feeling like denim.

Ergo Visage - Designed for comfort

  • I have designed the frames very carefully, to make sure that they are as comfortable and easy to wear as possible. 'Ergo Visage' is the name I have given to the combined effect of all the small features that make these frames so comfortable.
  • The temple arms have a spring steel core laminated inside. This makes them very springy, so they put just the right amount of pressure behind your ears. 
  • The curve of the temple arms is designed to make sure that the sunglasses are less likely to slip down your nose. 
  • There are thicker and thinner areas and the Solid Denim is polished very smooth on the inside surfaces and the edges. This makes them very comfortable on your nose and behind your ears, where your skin is in contact with them. 

Water resistant and easy to clean

  • The frames are finished with a hard natural wax that makes them water resistant. It also makes the frames resistant to the oils in your skin and things like sun cream. 
  • If you wear make up and you need to clean it off of the frames, you can do that with a make up wipe or something similar. Being careful not to scratch the lenses. 

Developed over a decade by Jack

  • In 2011 I was working on a project involving carbon fibre. I wanted to make sunglasses but I hadn't come up with an original idea. Then I realised that I could create a material like carbon fibre, but using denim instead. I didn't realise it would take this long to develop something to a high standard, but I stuck at it. Last year I made this video about the process of developing the sunglasses. Some of the imagery is a little out of date as I have developed the sunglasses and process quite a bit since it was made. But I still really like the video. Enjoy!