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Journal 2: Mosevic Handmade Sunglasses vs. The Egg McSpectacles

Many of you already know Mosevic sunglasses are made from hardened denim. 

That is, except for one pair, which was handcrafted using the finest egg McMuffin our local McDonalds produced one overcast Thursday morning.  

Jack wearing the Egg Mcspectacles, not Mosevic Handmade Sunglasses

By the time this egg McMuffin was ready to be shaped into a pair of stylish spectacles, it was somewhat stale, a little greasy, and unmistakably whiffy with an eggy overture. Hmmm. 

Jack begins making the glasses frames for the McSpectacles

There was one simple premise behind operation Egg McSpectacles. You see, unlike the majestic golden arches known the world over, Mosevic’s logo is a little different. We wanted to explore these differences and share the creative journey on which Jack embarked that culminated in the logo you see on our sunglasses today. 

Behold, the jaggedy brass squiggle. 

Mosevic Black Denim Handmade Sunglasses featuring brass logo

Though Jack agonised over the design of the logo for a while, there was one thing he was certain of; Mosevic was not going to have its logo yawning across a sunglass arm or printed on a lens.  

Mosevic Halley Sunglasses in Undyed Denim with Zeiss Polarised Lenses

Inspiration was taken from brands whose ethos was similar to Jack’s, in that you didn’t need to see the name to know the brand; you knew the sunglasses by virtue of their unique detail. Subtle, but distinct.  

Detail image of Mosevic Logo on undyed denim sunglasses

The jagged brass squiggle, as we’ve come to fondly call it, was designed to meet the edge of its hardened denim counterpart in perfect alignment, to function as a proverbial tip of the hat to Mosevic’s ethos - thoughtful, well designed, unique sunglasses (if we do say so ourselves). 

Mosevic Sunglasses in the Cassini Large frame, with Sundown Lenses

By design, the Egg McSpectacles that Jack made were none of these things (no offence, Jack). Not even the hash brown swinging off his chin helped. Instead, wearing them made him look like a sort of greasy billboard (again, no offence boss). 

Jack wearing the Egg McSpectacles. Slightly different to the Mosevic Sunglasses we handmade in Cornwall, UKAnother angle of Jack wearing the Egg McSpectacles

So, I think we can all see the moral of the story here. Big logos are fine, and we respect anyone who enjoys one. But we like to do it slightly differently. We don’t want to use your face for free advertising. We want to adorn it with a pair of sunglasses as unique as the logo it features. 

Mosevic's Andromeda frame sunglasses in Black Denim with polarised Aurora lenses

We do know someone who would be in perpetual bliss if we only made Egg McSpectacles, though.  

Mosevic's lovely dog Penvelope enjoying the McSpectacles more than our handmade denim eyewear 

Until next week (ish).


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