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Journal 1: Experiment Candlehead

It’s not every day we have a 4kg candle of Jack’s head smoking a denim cigar and rotating on our workbench. But one day in late August, we did, and it was a great day.  

Candlehead wears Mosevic's handmade Titan Black Denim sunglasses with Sundown lenses

Experiment Candlehead was born out of one of Jack’s earlier experiments which involved making a mould of his head using rubber  

A rubber mould of Jack's head

and plaster of Paris. 

A plaster of Paris mould used to display Mosevic handmade denim sunglasses

Making the cast of Jack’s head took quite a few hours and a lot of preparation, but the result was extremely pleasing; we had a model that could be used to display our denim sunglasses in a unique way.

Mould of Jack's head used to model Mosevic's handmade denim sunglasses

How else could this be achieved? 

Enter, Candlehead. 

When the order of 4kg of candle wax arrived at our workshop, we were very excited. After a day of us all making sunglasses and writing emails and drinking coffee, Jack set about prepping for the candle head.  

First things first; dissolving the wax so it could easily be poured into the original head mould. The sheer size of the pot chosen for this endeavour gave us a Macbeth/Hermione Granger/Wizardry feel – the excitement in the team grew.  

Jack's placing a large pot on the stove to melt the candle wax in preparation for the candle head, used to model Mosevic's handmade denim sunglasses

Jack stirring the wax in the pot

When Jack poured the wax into the mould of his head,

Jack is pouring the wax into the head mould

mild concern set in as we watched wax start to pour out of the mould’s nostrils – 

Mould leaking wax from its nostrils

Could these leaky nostrils cost us Candlehead? 

But just as he’s done over the last 12 years working on the design and construction of his handmade denim sunglasses, Jack found a solution to the problem; just put the leaky wax back in. 

Jack is putting the wax that leaked back into the head mould

The cooled wax hardened the interior of the mould, which eventually secured the main bulk of the wax until it set.  

Now that the wax had hardened, it was time for the big reveal, the moment of truth.  

Jack pulled back the cast mould to reveal a well-set, detailed candle head complete with black residue around its chin that added a designer stubble look we didn’t know we wanted.  

Jack is taking off the mould to reveal the solid candle

One side of the head hadn’t quite worked as well as the rest of the head, but we were all very pleased and felt this was a great success.  

Close up of the candle head

Now to add some critical, finishing touches, before revealing it to the rest of the world. Wicks were inserted across the top of the candle head;

a cigar, made from a piece of scrap denim, was placed in the mouth, at an angle, to complement the designer stubble.

And finally, a pair of Mosevic’s Cassini sunglasses, made from Black Denim with Sundown lenses, was placed on Candlehead’s face, to complete the look.  

It was time to light the candle hair.  

Jack is lighting the cigar in the candle head's mouth

 And enjoy the show.

You can watch the video on how Jack made Candlehead on our Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok accounts.  


We hope you enjoyed reading about our latest experiment.

Till next weekish.


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