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Journal 10: Mosevic Facebook Messages: A Round Up

Being the social media sensation Jack is, he gets a lot of messages on Instagram and Facebook, and whilst Jack mainly responds to messages on Instagram, the Mosevic HQ team tend to man the Facebook hotline.  

The majority of messages we receive on Facebook are questions asked by potential customers, supporters and followers, all looking to understand a bit more about our handmade hardened denim sunglasses. But some, we’ve inferred, are sent to us purely for comedic effect.  

Over the last few months, as well as light-heartedly ROFL-ing, we have been saving some of the best Facebook messages, and it is now our pleasure to share them with you here.  

Each screenshot has been sent from a different person, and senders are or have been anonymised. 


One theme that often crops up in various forms is mild to mega anger at the price of Mosevic’s handmade frames. We take this on the chin, because we know how long it takes us to hand shape each frame, add the details, and the work that goes into each pair.




And a personal favourite: We also receive quite a few messages DEMANDING a discount: Some went to slightly more effort: Others just got straight to the point:

Or spent time explaining why they should have a free pair:   And others had their sights set on frames AND fame: A lot of people are interested specifically in Jack, slightly more than they are in Mosevic




 And some messages we’ve received aren’t ones we can easily categorise, but ones we have enjoyed, nonetheless. (For the right price, we could be tempted)

 And lastly, 


 We hope you’ve enjoyed these messages as much as we have over the last few months. 

 Until next week-ish.


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