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Journal 11: There's something about...biscuits

Tea. Biscuits. Biscuits and tea. On their own or together, tea and biscuits have been a core cultural component to everyday British life for centuries, and there’s no sign of this changing. A while ago The Guardian reported that 4.4million digestive biscuits are eaten every day in Britain, and 103 packets of biscuits are bought by households each year. 

So, it really was no surprise when Jack decided to make a pair of sunglasses out of McVitie's digestive biscuits. Not least because we always (always) have a packet of digestives on the go in the workshop.  

A half eaten packet of McVities Digestive biscuits as proof that Mosevic loves a digestive

The digestive biscuit spectacles came to be known as Digesticles, thanks to a viral video Jack posted on social media documenting how he made these treasured, one-of-a-kind frames.  

In today’s journal article, we tell the story of how the Digesticles came to be. 

Mosevic is known primarily for its handmade hardened denim sunglasses, and this is what customers purchase when they visit our website and browse our collection of frames.

However, in recent months, Jack has been turning his hand to alternative materials to create one-off frames, which he designs and makes in his spare time. And as you will have gathered, one other material as readily available as denim in our workshop, is the biscuit.  

Jack, like many of us, knew that the porous nature of the digestive made it an excellent tea dunking biscuit. But in the context of resin infused materials for the purpose of producing quality, durable, handmade glasses frames, this also meant something else; digestive biscuits could be infused with resin to form a suitable material for a sunglasses frame. Sure, it wouldn’t be as durable as our hardened denim frames because it lacks the fibres you find in most composite materials, which is what gives denim its strength, but it would still be cool as heck. 

Sacrificing four digestives for this worthy task, Jack went about coating the biscuits in resin before leaving them to set. The digestives hardened overnight and were ready to be hand shaped the next day. The bridge of the frames was made out of one of the digestives, which Jack sanded down into the shape of an hourglass, creating space for the biscuit lenses to slot into. 

The biscuit lenses were hollowed out in the middle to form a cavity within which Zeiss polarised lenses were inserted. Jack chose the Sundown lenses for the Digesticles – these are a warm lens with a gradient that is darker on the top than on the bottom. A perfect match for the brown biscuity frame.  

Once the component parts were glued together, two bulldog clips were used to attach a wire from the biscuit bridge to the fourth and final resin infused biscuit. The wire was designed to run from the bridge up and over the top of the head, with the fourth biscuit sitting proudly behind the head to balance the frame. 

The pièce de résistance is the McVities digestive biscuit packet that slid over the wire, creating a majestic homage to the biscuit manufacturer and completing the Digesticles design. 

Part Mad Max, but also possibly giving off a bumble bee vibe, the Digesticles are a one-of-a-kind fully functional pair of sunglasses that represent not only Mosevic’s love for biscuits, but specifically what we’re all about – creating unique frames, using a unique material, by hand. We mainly do this with resin infused denim. But now and again you’ll find Jack using a completely different material.


Until next week-ish. 


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