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Journal 3: The Mosevic Story

For those of you who subscribe to Mosevic’s weekly Newsletter, you’ll know that we recently spent some time updating our website. We’ve added a few more pages, sharing who we are and how we make our hardened denim sunglasses, as we thought you’d like to get to know us a bit better. 

Jack in Mosevic's workshop in Cornwall, England

Of course, most of you may know Mosevic from its social media accounts, where Jack showcases the best denim eyewear around (we’ve heard) as well as his more unusual experiments – Digestive biscglasses, anyone?  



But the idea that would eventually become the company, Mosevic, first came about over a decade ago now, probably around the time Jack was walking back from the charity shop one day, a pair of jeans in hand, thinking about how he was going to infuse layers of denim with resin to create an entirely new material to shape into glasses. 

Some of Mosevic hardened denim sunglasses prototypes

The pair of glasses frames Jack made from this first pair of jeans were a turning point; one that would see Jack go on to make thousands of prototypes and design hundreds of pairs of sunglasses before creating a collection of five different hardened denim glasses frames with a choice of denim (blue, black, and undyed).

A pair of Mosevic hardened denim sunglasses: Titan in blue denim with Sundown Zeiss polarised lenses

Today we send our handmade glasses frames to customers all over the world, and are working on reducing a waitlist time that currently spans 8-10 weeks (we really are working on this).  

Jack in Mosevic workshop in Cornwall, England

 Until next week-ish.


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