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Journal 4: Features Page

We get quite a few comments and emails from customers and social media followers letting us know how much they enjoy watching the videos Jack posts showing how we make our hardened denim sunglasses.  

Mosevic hardened denim sunglasses at a stage of making

Each pair of Mosevic’s handmade sunglasses is made up of several features that Jack has spent a long time designing and creating, and each one has its own story. We wanted to share a more in-depth exploration of these component features, so we have launched a new page on our website (I know, we’re on a roll!) called Features.  

The five pronged hinge fitted on a pair of Mosevic's denim eyewear

Here, we breakdown the key features you’ll find on a pair of Mosevic’s handmade denim sunglasses. From the five-barrelled hinge to the handsome faceted jewel fixed to the tip of the arms, the Features page takes you on a tour of these details via descriptions and short videos, detailing how and why each feature has earned its place on our handmade frames.  

A pair of Mosevic's handmade sunglasses being fitted with a brass feature

For eyewear enthusiasts, curious cats, and even those who thought they were being directed to a mosaic shop, we invite you to explore our latest Mosevic page and uncover the devil behind those denim details.

Detail image of Mosevic's handmade sunglasses with the zig zag branding and the brass tip of the arm

 Until next week-ish.


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