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Journal 6: David Beckham and Denim Sunglasses

Did you know that when you search for 'handmade sunglasses' on Google, Mosevic comes up as one of the top search results (secretly very happy about this).

But so does David Beckham. 

This piqued our – okay, maybe just my – curiosity, and I was keen to find out what David Beckham was doing in a Google search for ‘handmade sunglasses’ in the U.K.  

I may have got the memo a lot later than many others, but for starters, I didn’t realise David Beckham has his own eyewear brand: David Beckham Eyewear (of course). Offering a range of masculine frames influenced (by the looks of things) by motorbikes, whiskey and mid-century nostalgia, I began my research into where the synergies lie between Mosevic’s handmade sunglasses and David Beckham’s eyewear, in an attempt to unpack why we – and coincidentally Noel Gallagher, too (but we’ll leave that for another day) – come up in the same search results. 

A detailed image of a pair of Mosevic handmade sunglasses showing the brass detailing

I quickly came to the conclusion that actually, there is very little overlap between both brands. Of course, this is in no way to diminish the suaviness™ that David Beckham and, by extension, his frames, epitomise; they’re as cool as he is, and he’s pretty cool.  

But here’s what we do at Mosevic that we think differs from other sunglasses brands, (not just David Beckham’s).

Firstly, our denim glasses are handmade. These hardened hands are hard earned from hours of hand-shaping and sanding the frames we make. 

 It takes us two weeks to make a small batch of frames ready to be shipped out to a global customer base.  

Mosevic frames are also made from a unique material; hardened denim. We like to think there aren’t that many people you know walking around with denim on their faces. 

The material is created by infusing layers of denim pressed with resin. This forms a hardened material similar to carbon fibre. Not only is this a unique material, but it is also extremely durable – we offer a two-year manufacturer’s warranty on each pair, reflecting the confidence we have in their durability and quality. 

We think it’s better to offer a small range of options done well, than an infinite number of lenses and frames to choose from. There is a lot of work that goes into the development of our frames, which is why we don't offer a huge range.

These are just a few of the things we do that make us unique, which we think is also why we rank quite highly in Google searches for 'handmade sunglasses'. 

Jack standing in Mosevic's workshop in Cornwall, England

So, David, we may show up in the same Google search, and we may both have really good taste in eyewear. But that's probably where our similarities end.

At Mosevic, we turn denim into luxury eyewear, by hand, using a unique material and process, from our workshop in Cornwall, England. 

Until next week-ish.


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