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Journal 9: The Dogs of Mosevic

Finally, the journal article you’ve all been waiting for; which of our handmade denim sunglasses suit which dogs.  

Luckily, we have a number of furry models to help us answer this burning questionThat’s because, whilst there are many benefits to working for Jack at Mosevic HQ, one of the best has to be being able to bring our dogs into work with us.  

I (Miranda) have a cockapoo called Mr. Bo Jangles, who comes in with me a few days a week. Will has Slippy The Sausage Dog, who also comes in most weeks. Karl’s family dog, Meg, pops round now and again. But of course, the original workshop dog is Penvelope. 

Penvelope is Jack’s dog, and she’s here with us every day, keeping us company and making sure we have regular breaks for some Penvelope cuddles and playtime.  

All the dogs get to enjoy running around the woodlands near the workshop, and lots of playtime with each other when they’re all here. 

Penvelope is the queen of zoomies, and loves watching the world go by from our open workshop shutters. Bo Jangles is often at your feet looking to climb onto your lap and get in the way. Meg loves sticks, and sometimes gets so excited about catching them she mistakes your finger for one. And Slippy. Well, Slippy is the tiny toy tyrant. The whole world melts into insignificance as he focuses with laser precision on the toy in your hand. 

They are the best dogs with the biggest personalities, and so of course it made sense to figure out which dog suited which of our handcrafted hardened denim frames, and why. 

After much discussion and deliberation amongst the Mosevic team, we all came to the same conclusion:  

Penvelope is a Halley frame gal. Specifically, a black denim Halley with Sundown lenses.

 This is Penvelope the dog wearing Mosevic's Halley frames in black denim with sundown lenses

Halley is a feline frame with a hint of mischief. The frames have an air of sass about them, and their cat eye details make you want to put on a trench coat and solve crime. No? Just me then.  Penvelope is the perfect Halley model because she is two thirds loving companion and one third diva. She likes to know who you are and what you’re doing here before giving you a full welcome. Sometimes this comes across via a lot of woofing, but we know she’s just taking her guard dog duties very seriously.  

We chose the black denim Halley frame to complement Penvelope’s colouring, and the warm gradient Sundown lens to reinforce her air of authority; she is the OG workshop dog, after all 

Slippy, on the other hand, is hands-down a Titan frame guy. He’s cool, not that calm, and collected, and we immediately knew he would suit the blue denim Titan frames with Aurora lenses.  This is Slippy the dog wearing Mosevic's hardened denim sunglasses. Specifically the Blue Titan frames with Aurora lenses

Titans are our most popular frame. Slim, chiselled, curvy, they’re just like Slippy. The gold zig zag and the geometric jewel bookend the arms of the frames and showcase just a few of the many handcrafted details that go in to making a pair of Mosevic sunglasses. 

For Slippy, the blue denim colour offers a cool, laid-back feel, reinforced by the choice of blue/green Aurora lenses to give that icy cool exterior Slippy embodies. On the beach, the powdery slopes or in the city smog, the Titans are an excellent companion. Just like Slippy.  

Which brings us to Mr Bo Jangles. He was born within earshot of the Bow Bells in East London, so he barks with a cockney twang. Being a cockapoo, he has a regular appointment with the dog salon, so it stands to reason that he would choose the Andromeda frames in Undyed denim, with Sundown lenses. 

 This is the dog Bo Jangles wearing Andromeda sunglasses in undyed denim with sundown lensesAndromeda is named after our enormous neighbouring galaxy, which is almost as big as Jangles’ personality. It is the largest frame in our collection, and is similar to an Aviator frame, just with an edge of Ibiza about it. They’re bold, confident frames, and (I like to think) worn by those who also like things like vinyl, bootcut jeans, and peanut butter sandwiches.  

The undyed denim colour is distinctive and, like the other denim colour options when mixed with resin, displays the intricate denim details wonderfully. We went with undyed denim for Mr Bo Jangles to complement his coat colouring, and the warm Sundown lenses were chosen to reflect his perpetual quest to sit in the warmest spot, which is often whichever seat you’ve just departed from.  

Lastly, we have sweet Meg. The elder stateswoman of the pack, Meg is quite happy dozing for hours, so that she's ready and fully charged for walk time (also known as stick-throwing-bonanza time). Older and wiser than the other pooches, there is no doubt that our Frame Only Keplers in Undyed Denim are the frames for Meg.

This is Meg the dog wearing a pair of Mosevic's Kepler frames in undyed denimFrame Only, because Meg would want to put her own prescription lenses in. And Kepler, well, for many reasons.   

Our Kepler frame is a round(ish) frame with a striking keyhole bridge. When you put a pair of Keplers on, you immediately feel a bit smarter, sharper; like you were meant to slide the frames down to the tip of your nose, so as to stare at your colleagues from over the top of them. Meg suits these frames perfectly, and the undyed denim sits in excellent contrast to her coat’s brown-black tones.  

Have you got a dog that suits our Mosevic frames? Let us know at  

Until next week-ish. 


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